Creative Explosion

Training Goal:

To think laterally and to leave treaded paths of thinking. To connect knowledge, to recognise trends and to change the perspective regularly.

The Creative Explosion training program will teach the 12 most effective creativity tools of innovative companies. The participants will learn how to think creatively for a lasting effect and how to find relevant ideas in a shorter amount of time.

Target Group:

This training is suitable for all personnel who wish to increase the competitive advantage of the company.

It is especially useful for executive staff, as well as teams in the fields of marketing, research, engineering, product management, communication, advertising, sales and strategy.


1-2 days of creativity training, focused on real briefings and problem formulations
1-2 days of workshops focused on innovation and idea generation
1-2 days of Cross Innovation workshops

Innovation Process Supervision, Creative Consulting, Lectures and Speeches

Special on-demand sessions available for the following topics:
Idea Presentation / Idea Management / Culture of Innovation / Design Thinking / Innovation Management / Diversity Management / Open Innovation / Storytelling

Training Content:

Idea Generation

  • Faster to the relevant idea: the 12 creativity tools of top innovators.
  • Fun-Theory: why it’s worth it to integrate fun and entertainment into the process of innovation.
  • How to preserve the change of perspective gained from these sessions as a permanent fixture in your business.
  • 1+1=3: why cross innovation is the most effective creativity tool.

Idea Evaluation

  • The 5 best tools of idea evaluation.
  • How prediction markets can help you to balance the risks and chances of a new product.
  • Are you good at evaluating ideas? Find out your risk IQ.

Idea Presentation

  • Why a little show is always necessary.

Idea Management

  • How to make processes of innovation faster and leaner.
  • How to bring ideas and innovations on the road.
  • How to find new fields of innovation.
  • Why do so many employees from Volkswagen and Vodafone take part voluntarily in the internal idea management?
  • How to establish successful idea management in your company.

Culture of Innovation

  • Why you can take the slide at Red Bull and sleep at Google during lunch.
  • How an artist could become the Head of Human Resources at IKEA.
  • How many ideas does an Apple employee have each day?

The perfect Creative Team

  • What is your creativity type? Take the test.
  • Is your creative team complete? About strategists, idea generators, developers and men of action.